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About Us

Jolly Plastic Molding Corp. is a true market leader.

With over 30 years of experience in the plastic furniture industry, we have become the trusted partner for Filipino families looking to improve their homes. We have done this by continuously providing functional and innovative products rooted in fresh concept designs that are crafted from only the best materials of today. In fact, we even introduced the use of plastic as an alternative material for rattan furniture with its focus firmly on durability that maintains the rattan design aesthetic.

Apart from addressing the demands of our consumers in terms of plasticwares, we also tackled on their other houseware needs. With this, we built several subsidiaries, including Jolly Foam, that caters to the needs of people looking for quality foams and mattresses with affordable prices.

Truly, with continuous commitment to our craft, coupled with excellent customer service, we envision the company to go global in the years to come. For now, our product selection is available for online viewing through our website, while purchases may be made at local shops, online marketplaces, or any authorized distributor.



Jolly Plastic Molding Corporation aims to be known as the one of the most outstanding plastic manufacturing companies in the Philippines and abroad while setting trends in product design and innovation in plastic manufacturing.


The company aims to provide the most affordable and best-in-quality plastic products for its target customers through its commitment to the values of service, product excellence, and customer satisfaction to promote a mutually beneficial relationship with the consumers. Jolly Plastic Molding Corporation promotes a culture of dignity and respect for its workers within the organization by making their welfare and benefits the company’s priority.