Aloha Dish Drainer with 1 drawer & 2 cabinet

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Keep all your kitchen essentials in one easy-to-reach place. Have a wash-store-use cabinet that is convenient for fast storage, immediate access, and easy maintenance.
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Keep all your kitchen essentials in one safe and convenient spot with the Aloha Dish Drainer and Cabient by Jolly. This cabinet will allow you to store your clothes, kitchen utensils, or food for a more organized room or kitchen. It’s design even allows you to proudly use it as a display cabinet in the living room. The cabinet comes in green, blue, or pink and contains five layers. Each layer serves a specific purpose and can be used as a shelf, a dish rack, a tray organizer, and a storage cabinet.

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Dimensions 15.75 × 15 × 42.5 in