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Jupiter Dish Drainer & Cabinet



The Jupiter Dish Drainer and Cabinet comes with multiple storage options enough to hold dry goods or kitchen tools. Available in two sizes, this space-saving cabinet has a see-through design for easy access.



SKU: 811 Categories: ,
SKU: 811 Categories: ,

The Jupiter Dish Drainer and Cabinet is a multiple storage solution big enough to hold dry goods or kitchen utensils. The top part of the cabinet comes with a cover so you can store food or bread. This dish drainer and cabinet comes equipped with metal tube support for better durability and uses real key locks for better security. It’s perfect for keeping essentials within reach so you can be more efficient in working at the kitchen. The dish rack that keeps excess water out so your utensils will be dry come meal time. Each dish container comes two sizes. Choose from a variety of green, blue, and pink.

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Blue, Green, Pink

Dimension (cm)

62L x 35W x 124H