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Rattan Table 36×60 (8 Seaters)



Our Rattan Table adds a beautiful ambiance to your home with its soft and smooth deep brown finish. It also has a middle leg for additional support so you are guaranteed of its great quality. Lastly, it is easy to clean and wipe to ensure that your house will look spotless anytime.



SKU: 2060 Category:
SKU: 2060 Category:

An elegant table that adds a beautiful ambiance to your home. Enjoy many days and nights of activities with your family - get excited to host dinner parties and create fancy stylish table settings on your new Rattan dining table. A solid and sturdy furniture piece that blends beautifully with our Alpha rattan chairs. With a finely-crafted polypropylene form, the frame of this exquisite rattan dining table is weight-tested for stability and durability. Moreover, it has noticeable strong and crisp lines that make up for the timeless design of its surface area. This is further refined by the lovely rattan weave detailing on the table bed which extends down to the length of its legs. With a soft and smooth brown finish, this highly-functional table is very easy to clean and wipe. Perfect for everyday living.

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Dimension (cm)

150L x 89.5W x 72.5H