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Tiffany Chair



Marvel at the stunning Scandinavian-inspired design of the Tiffany chair. It is a timeless and functional furniture that’s great for home and workspaces. Get it in any of our 3 vibrant colors — green, red, or brown.



SKU: 2021 Categories: ,
SKU: 2021 Categories: ,

Marvel at the stunning Scandinavian-inspired design of the Tiffany chair. With its timeless and functional
chair design, the Tiffany chair is very comfortable for everyday use.

Sitting for long hours can be tough on the body, that's why you need the ultimate comfy chair. One
that's sturdy to take on your weight load, and ultra-sleek that it easily blends with your interiors. The
Tiffany chair is a marvelous blend of all that! It comes in a vibrant avocado green color, luscious red, and
even in an earthy brown tone. Perfect for all your needs.

The Tiffany chair is made from top quality polypropylene material. It has a durable round back rest set at
an ideal angle that won’t cause you any back pain. In fact, resting your back on the Tiffany chair can be
quite relaxing.

Go for a Tiffany chair on your next home and living purchase, your restless legs will thank you for it!

Additional information


Brown, Green, Red

Dimension (cm)

46L x 50W x 80H